Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ho hum...

Not sure what to post about as I've been feeling a bit ho hum lately. This time of year always seems to drage for. March always seems interminable and then the weeks in April before break seem like they'll never end! Luckily for me, March is over and vaca starts Friday...wooh. Keith actually has Friday off too, which is practically the first day that he's had off (with the exception of Xmas and New Years) since he started. That's a looooong time to work without even a day off and I know he's not entirely happy where he is. He's such a trooper though....keeps his complaining to a minimum. Otherwise, school has been going well with the exception of a few things. One of them is this incredibly unruly class that I have. It's really only a few kids, but they can get everyone off task so quickly. I'm not really a yeller and have used every trick in my arsenal and I still can't get to them. To make it worse, they're 4th quarter seniors...impossible to make them care. If any of you teacher folks out there have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Help!

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