Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A quick observation

So I went to the gym today and it was very crowded. There were virtually no parking spaces left in the parking lot except ones that were far away. Not a big deal for me...after all I am going to the gym to get some exercise...walking a bit can't hurt, right? I'm walking in and I notice that there were at least 5 cars that were illegally parked either on the grass near the door or had made their own parking spaces to be closer to the door. Now, I know it was a bit chilly today, but really? Is it that necessary to save yourself a few steps when you're going to go plunk yourself on the treadmill anyways? Silly people.

On the wedding front I have officially picked out bridesmaids dresses....and changed my colors (again!). We're now going with a deep purple color....and the dresses are stunning. We all went to Davids Bridal the other day (minus A because she's in NH and I didn't want to inconvenience her too much) and picked out the dresses and everyone like the same one. So things are turning out a bit different than I imagined, but still working out awesome. An I'm officially the queen of doubt about that.

And a catch-up on the housing situation. It's the end of October and I'm STILL AT THE CAMPGROUND!!! We had found that place in Cheshire only to move in and find it to be incredibly loud. I could hear the guy next door go to the bathroom! Gross! Needless to say, we moved out (and sacrificed our security deposit...crapola!) and found a new place in North Branford. We move in there at the end of the month and whether that's good or bad, we'll be there...because we have no where else to be :) No really, it'll be awesome and I know that Keith's happy because there's a man room downstairs that's already wired for surround sound. Anyhoo, I'll post some pics next time when I finally have a real roof that is non-mobile over my head...bye!