Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

Welp, we're in the middle of some severe thunderstorms for like the millionth day in a row and I'm sitting here in the camper that is currently without power. And I'm all alone. Needless to say, I'm bored to tears and everything in my camper (including myself) has taken on a permenently damp feeling. Other than that camping is going wonderfully well. Keith will be back this Wednesday from a work trip to New Orleans. He's been gone for close to 2 weeks now and I think I'm getting used to him being away. I've kept myself pretty busy trying to finish up some grad school work and visiting with the campground folks. We went out to dinner the other night at this Japanese hibachi grill where they cook in front of you. Pretty cool! There was fire on the grill and salt shakers tossed into the air and a whole lot of crazy cooking tricks. We also had some old campground friends that have since moved to California up for a night, so we got to do some visiting there too. Here's some campground pics that I was supposed to post last time to give you an idea of where we are and what we do.

Keith has been catching up on playing Beer Die, a drinking game made famous by the campground folks. He's been missing this terribly up in New Hampshire, so he's making up for lost time....

We've had lots of good campfires, too. The nice thing about the campground is that if you light a fire everyone comes and sits around it with you...lots of great chats. And usually s'mores are involved which is absolutly fantastic in my book!

Keith has also developed the genius idea of turning the TV around from inside the camper and playing Wii outside. This is Keith and a couple of buddies bowling (plus its a decent shot of my camper a.k.a. my summer home)

And after all that hard work, my boys like to take naps. Must be a rough life, huh?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Settling In

I had every intention of posting this with pictures of my new abode, but can't seem to find the connector cable for my camera so we'll have to simply settle for words. Keith and I have settled in quite nicely to our "summer home" (as my mother has taken to calling it). We're living in a camper for the summer at the same campground that he grew up at. It's been so nice for him because all of his old friends are still around and its been great to catch up. Don't think we're roughing it though...we have quite the setup. And Keith has figured out that if he sets the TV on a shelf and turns it around he can play his Wii outside through the window (I have pictures for proof....). We've had some wonderful relaxing campfires and some great late night chats with the neighbors. Rocky (my kitty) is adjusting wonderfully to being an outdoor kitty. In fact, he's become a totally different cat. He went from a pretty mean, ornery brat to the talk of the campground. He has made friends with EVERYONE here and lets complete strangers pet him. This from the cat who tried to take off anyone's hand that entered our apartment. He hasn't quite figured out though that a road is for cars not kitties and has taken to sprawling himself out in the middle of it and looking at cars like they're cramping his style. Ok for campground roads, probably not so okay for real roads. Think thats about it...we have a pretty busy month or so coming up so I'll try to keep this thing updated. Let's see how that goes.