Monday, July 14, 2008

Settling In

I had every intention of posting this with pictures of my new abode, but can't seem to find the connector cable for my camera so we'll have to simply settle for words. Keith and I have settled in quite nicely to our "summer home" (as my mother has taken to calling it). We're living in a camper for the summer at the same campground that he grew up at. It's been so nice for him because all of his old friends are still around and its been great to catch up. Don't think we're roughing it though...we have quite the setup. And Keith has figured out that if he sets the TV on a shelf and turns it around he can play his Wii outside through the window (I have pictures for proof....). We've had some wonderful relaxing campfires and some great late night chats with the neighbors. Rocky (my kitty) is adjusting wonderfully to being an outdoor kitty. In fact, he's become a totally different cat. He went from a pretty mean, ornery brat to the talk of the campground. He has made friends with EVERYONE here and lets complete strangers pet him. This from the cat who tried to take off anyone's hand that entered our apartment. He hasn't quite figured out though that a road is for cars not kitties and has taken to sprawling himself out in the middle of it and looking at cars like they're cramping his style. Ok for campground roads, probably not so okay for real roads. Think thats about it...we have a pretty busy month or so coming up so I'll try to keep this thing updated. Let's see how that goes.

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