Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home is Where the Heart Is....

...or at least I sure hope so! Considering that my physical home will be changing yet again this coming weekend, I'm realizing that home really is wherever Keith and I are. We made a wondeful home for ourselves in NH, and although our family wasn't there we have a wonderful "family" of friends that made NH feel like home. This summer, the campground has been home. The people here have been wonderful and it has been one of the best summers that I can remember having. This weekend Keith and I will move to Cheshire into a little townhouse (which is really cute) and that's more convenient to work for both Keith and I. Not to mention, it isn't a camper and has more than one floor...wooh! As soon as we're all set up I'll post some pictures here and of course visitors are always welcome!!!! We'll have plenty of floor space in which to throw some air mattresses and a spare bedroom, too! (Do you get the hint?). In other news, we officially sent out our save the dates to most of our guests for the wedding. Pretty exciting...hopefully people will find this blog through those (Hi!) and I'm sure I'll have more interesting things to post about soon...promise.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A quick catch up

So last time I spoke with you all I was just starting at Branford. Things have gotten into full swing and there definately have been some adjustments, but it's going well. A few thoughts:
  • 8 period days are strange! I have been used to block scheduling (3 90-min. classes that meet for half a year). Now I teach 5 50-min classes a day plus have a duty. I have been exhausted! But I'm getting used to it and am starting to feel like I can actually teach something in 50 minutes.
  • CT pays their teachers really well...enough said!
  • The kids do really well with free time. When they have open periods they can pretty much go where they'd like. You would think this would lead to chaos, but no one really misbehaves terribly.
  • I work with some really amazing, younger-ish teachers. Not that I haven't before, but Branford is strange. I think that 75% of the staff is under the age of 35. Seriously. And we are all in one staff room and they all actually collaborate and work together. Really neat atmosphere.
  • These same colleagues LOVE HAPPY HOUR! I think someone goes every day of the week and if you don't go on Fridays then you're a loser.
  • But despite all of this, I miss Nashua! I miss having people know who I am and having kids come by and poke their heads in. I miss my friends from Nashua and hearing their stories and having them know things about me and having adjacent classroom buddies (my rooms don't connect to anyone).

In other news, Keith officially started his new job today. He's working at a company in Chesire as a software support technician. We'll see how he likes it, but for now I think he's just depressed that he's back at work. I plan to make him a yummy dinner to celebrate/cheer him up. Speaking of which...gotta get to that....